Fuel Management System

Powerful fuel management system by azeti

azeti Networks AG offer a comprehensive solution for the monitoring of fuel storage at distant locations. azeti's fuel management system enables customers to acquire, understand and control all the data they require to operate fuel depots such as, tanks, in an efficient, safe and secure way. The azeti software console is a Windows application that runs from a central location, and provides information in displays with text and graphic, as well as the physical location of sites. It also indicates the fuel levels and consumption rates for each site, as well as ordinary events, such as the refilling of storage tanks and give alerts in the event of fuel theft, leakages, low fuel levels and the effects of a natural disaster. By using the azeti fuel management system to generate reports, companies are able to calculate the costs per site or region with ease. This enables fuel consumption to be efficiently managed. The azeti Networks AG fuel management system Employs state-of-the-art technology, and prevents waste and fosters savings.

azeti's latest fuel management system for all sizes of businesses

azeti Networks AG fuel management system will report details regarding tank fillings, the level of fuel remaining in a tank and each tank's fuel consumption rate. It will also send the user an alerts based on user specified thresholds for low fuel. The application also provides an indication of fuel purity in the tank. Other key features of the fuel management system includes calculations regarding the costs and rate of consumption per tank at each site. Historical reports are produced, complete with consumption and costs analysis. The non intrusive ultrasonic sensors are easy to install even on filled tanks.

The application can be adapted for any fuel tank form factor, and monitoring is carried out autonomously at every remote site. Even during communication outages, the application will continue to run without any loss of data. Through the uniquely distributed monitoring technology used by azeti, the solution will provide all of the data, incidents, alarms, and events to a single Operation Center. All data from hundreds or even thousands of sites can be accessed and visualized on the state-of-the-art web based dashboard, which is part of a powerful Windows application. The application is compatible with most types of internet, including low bandwidth connections and ADSL lines and private IP networks. azeti's reliable alert system supports multiple or independent channels, such as SMS or email.

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