Network Monitoring System

Continuous network monitoring system

Network management is the backbone of any business' infrastructure. It should be constantly running smoothly and in case of a crash, it must be restored quickly. Network monitoring system covers procedures and tools essential for the operation and maintenance of computer network systems. These include network planning, remote site managementfuel managementserver and network monitoring, and overall general upkeep of the entire network.

A network monitoring system continuously monitors a network for device fails or errors and notifies the network administrator by means of messaging systems such as Email or SMS. This monitoring system usually works through software applications and platforms. Ping, for instance, is an example of a most basic form of network monitoring tool. Some of the most commonly used metrics for the monitoring are response time, availability, and uptime. So when an outside threat is detected, a network monitoring system monitors the network for problems using these metrics. Most of the monitoring services check the servers between once an hour to once a minute.

Network monitoring also extends to internet server monitoring, which usually comprise of checks of system metrics, like disk space, network performance, memory usage, CPU usage and more. Other modes include VoIP monitoring, video stream monitoring, mail server monitoring etc. Some providers also offer a comprehensive network monitoring system designed to monitor the complete business or corporate network. An ideal unified monitoring solution provides monitoring for every physical phenomenon, including fuel level, usage rates, voltage levels, cameras, motion sensors, temperatures and pressures, and battery capacities and access-control devices etc.


Global provider of innovative monitoring solutions

Based in Germany, <strong>azeti Networks AG is an internationally acclaimed provider of innovative and professional monitoring solutions</strong>. It has been operating as a technology pioneer in network management and monitoring sector and contributing to the developments in the IT industry. azeti Networks AG's benchmark SONARPLEX technology is designed to offer clients a trustworthy and flexible way to increase transparency and efficiency of IT management. SONARPLEX utilizes comprehensive monitoring components such as networks, servers, switches and desktops along with other applications.

Other solutions by azeti Networks AG include monitoring tools for technical aspects, such as cooling plants, power sources, production systems, transformers, and engineering systems. It also provides systems to supervise environmental elements such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind velocity, etc. azeti Networks AG have earned it various loyal and satisfied clients, who commend it not only for a flawless performance but also for cost efficiency. The company has presence in nearly 35 countries and over 700 clients worldwide.

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