Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

Remote infrastructure monitoring - Its relevance for businesses

IT infrastructure has always been complex considering the fact that it encompasses different devices and technologies entwined to enable delivery of extensive services. With remote infrastructure monitoring solutions, these complexities can be effectively dealt with to maximize on operations performance.

Remote infrastructure monitoring is a B2B service provided to both small and large businesses, and the services encompass IT infrastructure monitoring in addition to comprehensive maintenance. Through azeti Networks AG monitoring solutions, systems can be assessed based on their signal quality and signal-noise ratios. The same solutions can be applied to reduce system downtime and low bandwidth. Therefore, with the aid of such services, network problems can be detected and resolved in good time so that the business runs without disruption. Other than that, infrastructure monitoring can help ensure optimum performance of databases so that they remain accessible to users all through. In short, these services are designed to keep the entire IT infrastructure in check.

With remote monitoring services, IT management personnel don't have to move from one device to another to gather or keep track of the data required to keep the systems running. The team gains complete visibility over the infrastructure from a single and central point. This means they save time, and deal with problems faster as they don't have to inspect every single machine or server whenever an issue arises. In this regard, the costs that come with providing IT services are reduced altogether, given that fewer skills and tools will be necessary to manage the infrastructure. Apart from IT management, <strong>the scalability of the solutions provided by azeti Networks AG</strong> enhances execution of security forensics and audits.


azeti Networks AG - All-round monitoring solutions

Obtaining remote infrastructure monitoring is crucial in meeting business demands and fulfilling customer requirements, and this is why azeti has been keen to provide such services. While there are numerous vendors for these services, azeti Networks has accumulated experience in the remote operations field, and the company therefore guarantees provision of dependable services to every client. In addition, the products it supplies are available not only for IT components, but also for physical applications such as those used in measuring pressure, air quality, temperature, fuel usage and battery capacities as well as handling motion sensors, cameras and gadgets for access control. The plug and play solutions are easy to install and are presented for use with Bluetooth 4.0, Modbus, Ethernet and Wi-Fi among other platforms. With close to 10 billion devices currently linked to the World Wide Web, the need for a scalable platform for monitoring IT and physical frameworks is key.

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