Remote Management System

azeti's remote management systems - Smart and powerful

Monitoring and management solutions are key if a company is to optimize its operations and maintain the quality that consumers expect. It also ensures that every player on the team is doing their bit.

Management can be done without managers and supervisors being physically present on the premises to monitor how operations are going on. This is known as remote management where management is done remotely using systems. There are four components to this. They are a communication method, a way to control mistakes and oversights, a team of people to handle the remote management system and a team to deal with performance issues.

A remote management system is needed in every sector and industry. It is used to manage construction workers, miners who are working underground, a crew of drivers who are delivering cargo for a truck company and many other businesses. The number of companies that rely on a remote management system to optimize its operations has increased as the quality of these systems has improved.

Different communication methods are used in a system depending on the specifics of the company. For instance, if the system is being used in a mine where work is carrying on with equipment like drilling machines, clear communication with clear sight between the machine and operators is not possible. In such cases, communication is done via dedicated radio frequency or a channel that allows wireless communication. The specifics of a system are selected according to ensure that communication will be clear. Every unit is controlled separately to ensure that one devices does not interfere with the effectiveness of another.


azeti - Intelligent management systems

azeti Networks AG offer acclaimed intelligent site management solutions for remote sites. azeti are a manufacturer and supplier of monitoring solutions with a global presence. azeti Networks AG has headquarters in Germany with subsidiaries in the Middle East, South America and Asia-Pacific. From these branches, azeti offer unique remote management system solutionsthat are not available elsewhere to over 700 companies in 35 countries. azeti Networks AG do not offer solutions that are limited to the means to monitor remotely. It goes beyond offering routers, servers, software applications and switches. azeti go further and offers a variety of sensors and detectors. These can be used to monitor the performance of almost every kind of physical apparatus used in various operations. They can monitor fuel levels and consumption rates, pressure levels, temperature, air quality, battery capacities and other indicators of how a machine is performing. Safety is also ensured with these checks.

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