Remote Network Monitoring

Features of remote network monitoring

In our IT and internet age, with companies ever expanding to include remote workers logging onto business networks from home, from multiple offices and even multiple countries, systems managers are always looking for new management and monitoring solutions.

Remote network monitoring allows a network administrator to <strong>monitor and analyze information</strong> from Local Area Networks (LANS), enabling the administrator to spot and act on any problems that arise with the network with speed and accuracy, to prevent work on the network being corrupted, lost, or the security of the network compromised - a major concern for many business. Remote network monitoring services, provided by companies such as azeti Networks AG uses a bespoke combination of software and occasionally hardware, in the form of monitoring devices also referred to as probes. System administrators using remote network monitoring are able to track which websites users on the network are accessing, how much bandwidth is being used and other data vital to keeping the network running smoothly. Administrators can even set an alarm to warn of limits reached or problems about to occur. Crucially, monitoring allows the administrator to track which devices are communicating with users in the network.


azeti: Professional network monitoring

azeti Networks AG offer remote network monitoring solutions for businesses big and small, to increase efficiency and reduce management costs and security risks. azeti Networks AG offers state of the art monitoring technology to more than 700 businesses in 35 countries. Using azeti Networks AG monitoring solutions takes the stress out of network management, with azeti able to acquire and analyse all the information a client requires to keep systems running smoothly and provides detailed management reports for an easy overview of the network's security and efficiency. There are unlimited possibilities for what systems azeti can monitor and the master console uses a Windows based application to keep the data flowing smoothly. azeti will even create bespoke alerts and alarms so administrators are aware of any changes or problems to the network as they happen. The software and hardware solutions that azeti offer are robust and effective, offering great network monitoring for all.

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