Sensor Monitoring Solutions

Features of sensor monitoring

Not many maintenance and monitoring instruments can provide the diversity and range that sensor monitoring can. With the installation of some additional hardware, every server, cable and connection is safe. This is what azeti Networks AG discovered and hurried to implement in practice. The tools are a variety of the old (cameras, sound radar, protectors) and the new ones - sensors. Depending on the specific needs, these installations can certify optimal performance and maintain ideal environment.

While a part of the old-school approach still remains as a reliable piece of experience and is the basis for the current state of monitoring instruments, new and innovative practices and creations are put into motion. Sensor monitoring  also has another great positive side: different types. Unlike other tools, these machines are already not just upgraded, they are even created from scratch so that they will suit the client's needs.

Sensor monitoring works on the principle of detection and registration. The <strong>sensor detects all irregularities</strong> and registers them right away. Basically, every part of the physical body of a given installation can be monitored like this. By inventing and implementing, azeti has also included medicine refrigerators in the list of supported machines. This is a true innovation in the field.


azeti Networks AG

azeti Networks AG was founded in 2006 and is now one of the leaders in monitoring solutions for the IT and technology sectors in Europe. With headquarters in Germany, the company is able to carefully watch over all of the projects and the clients without a problem. This is also the result of their three additional offices in South Africa, in the Middle East and in Asia-Pacific regions. More than 700 different business owners already use the monitoring sensors, released and maintained by the company. Bringing success and experience to the field, azeti has managed to include medical equipment and software in the list of items their tools can watch after. For all the years in which the small and middleweight businesses couldn't' find a reliable source of information, protection and overview - these monitoring sensors and products in general are their saviours.

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